About Sex Week

Sex Week UNC Charlotte was founded by four students in the fall of 2017 as a reaction to what we feel is generally subpar sexual education in America. According to the Guttmacher Institute, only 24 of the 50 states require sexual education. While North Carolina is fortunately one of those 24, we still feel like most schools do not sufficiently teach students about sex. College presents a unique time to combat this issue, as, generally, students are legal adults and above the age of consent. We wanted an inclusive program that would have education on LGBT+ sexuality, the role of pleasure in sex, different religion’s views of sex, and other topics that are often neglected by sex education. Sex Week is bringing together organizations on and off campus to create a unified educational experience that addresses topics of sex safety, sex positivity, sexuality and gender orientation, and much more. We want to encourage an environment in which students feel comfortable asking questions and talking about sex.


Executive Committee

Alex Caviness


Alex Caviness is a sophomore Mechanical Engineering and Music double major from Johnson City, TN. He enjoys cooking and playing violin in quartets and is working with a group of students to have an outdoor calisthenics facility installed on UNC Charlotte’s campus. Alex was inspired to start Sex Week UNC Charlotte after noticing the deficiencies in typical sex education and seeing what Sex Week at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville was doing about it. He is excited to see how the inaugural event will go and is hoping to have more drag in the future.

Elissa Miller


Elissa Miller is a sophomore at UNC Charlotte studying Communications and Political Science. Growing up in small-town North Carolina, Elissa did not have the best sex ed experience. In fact, she found it extremely lacking. She hopes Sex Week can help rectify that by spreading awareness and educating others. When Elissa isn’t reviewing theater for Niner Times or editing poetry for Sanskrit, she can be found forcing her friends to binge watch television with her. In the future, she would like to be Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde.”

Melissa Martin


Melissa Martin is a sophomore double majoring in English and Psychology at UNC Charlotte. Like her fellow committee members, she saw an overwhelming need for improved and increased sexual education programs. Unlike them, however, she saw this need quite heavily in herself rather than in her peers. Melissa is looking forward to Sex Week for its educational value. More specifically, she looks forward to promoting an environment where questions, even the most naive like her own, can be addressed. In her free time, Melissa enjoys reading, rewatching episodes of Teen Wolf, and consuming obscene numbers of Cosmic Brownies.

Ben Fasel


Benjamin “Ben” Fasel is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering. He can often be found in front of his TV either watching something on Netflix or playing games with his roommate/friends. He also is working on a curriculum for teenagers/young adults in the LGBTQ community who are transitioning from their childhood lives to their adult lives. Ben comes from Lewisville, North Carolina, and after experiencing the lack of knowledge his peers had when regarding sex, as well as, any issues related to sex, wanted to help find a solution to this issue. After being around Alex, Elissa, and Melissa while the first ideas were being formed, he realized that this may be a way to help solve the problem.

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email: sexweekuncc@gmail.com | phone: (704) 312 - 0424